Virtual insanity

The other day, my wife an I were watching Two and a Half men. There was this scene, where Charlie, his brother and the half wit barged in his mother’s house. I don’t know why. Anyway, she and her friend, played by Richard Wagner were about to pull a McNasty, and there was this funny line about a leather gear, and a guy in the public starts laughing out loud. Nobody else in the public laughs but him. I say to my wife:
– hey, did you hear this guy laughing?
– Yes.
– I know this guy.
– Really? How’s that?
– Well, I don’t really know him, but I read his blog on the internet. And just the other day, he was telling me that he was on the set of Two and a half men, and that he chose “a moment when the rest of the audience was laughing relatively quietly to let out a good horse laugh”.
– He was telling you?
– Yes, to me and to a million other pathetic losers like me.

Jeez how lame is this. I know a guy in America better than my real life friends. This virtual reality really sucks.


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