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BajksnobNYC o modulaciji:
Even worse is the M5. I’ve been seeing way more of these hideous banana clips than I should be. These suckers go for over $500 a pair, and Excelsports says that they are powerful but warns that you should “take a pass if you are more interested in modulation.” Yes, I prefer to either be moving fast or lying in a crumpled heap after I’ve gone flying over my bars. None of that pesky “slowing down” for me. (Oh, by the way, brake pads aren’t included. That might explain the modulation issues.)

making love, hard and fast:
Perhaps the most amazing thing to me about bike noise is that people will tolerate all of the above, but then will complain about perfectly acceptable and desireable noises. One of these noises is loud freehubs. I have seen many, many posts in forums asking how to quiet a rear hub while coasting, or decrying a high-end hub for its loud buzzing sound, or asking what the quietest rear hub is.

Um, a loud hub or freewheel is good! That buzzing is the ratchet on which your crotch depends doing its job! If those pawls quiet down, you’re dangerously close to making hard and fast love to your top tube.

O Amiših:
The triathlete with his aerobars positioned higher than his saddle, thus completely eradicating any aerodynamic benefits. (Wait, that’s every NYC triathlete. These guys sit more upright than Amish people at church. Their position is about as aero as standing at a post office service window with your forearms on the counter.)

O Stalinu:
With the fixed gear explosion has come a mass butchering of handlebars that would make Stalin blush.

kako se obraniti orla:
… and find yourself riding a recumbent. And trust me, you do not want to wind up rolling around town looking like a guy lying on the ground and trying to fight off an attacking eagle with his feet.

O alpinizmu:
Of course, the smart thing is to just let them go. But come on, we’re cyclists. Admit it, for many of us, letting go of a wheel is like letting go of an alpine axe on Everest.

O fiziki osnovnih delcev:
So I can say with complete assurance that the carbon fiber construction and layup yielded a frame that was laterally stiff yet vertically compliant. I can also say that this bike climbs like a monkey in a set of crampons, descends like a monkey in a set of crampons being dropped from a helicopter, handles corners like a prostitute, and accelerates like a particle in a particle accelerator that itself is just a tiny particle in a giant particle accelerator.

O zalogi v kolesarskih trgovinah:
…, the next consideration is making sure the bicycle fits you. While bike shops employ a knowledgeable staff trained to convince you to buy a bicycle in a size they’ve got in stock, …

DrOnyx o Istrabenzu:
Potem so tu razna akutna stanja, ko je bloger v težki dilemi, ali ima vse skupaj sploh še smisel in ali ne bi raje blog kar pobrisal ter tako končno zaživel? Ding, dong. BLOGGING PARAMEDIC (me). Blogerju nudiš v tem primeru bolj psihološko pomoč, ga vzpodbujaš, poizkušaš odkriti vzroke akutnega stanja in ga ponovno motiviraš za delo. Če ugotoviš, da ne gre, prevzameš vlogo stečajnega upravitelja in blog počasi zapiraš. Jasno pa ne moreš tega storiti čez noč, ker se ti potem začnejo oboževalci množično metati iz mostu Golden Gate v San Franciscu. Mi pač nismo Istrabenz, kjer lahko zabavo brez škode čez noč zapreš in nikome ništa.

DrOnyx o življenju na Marsu:
Skratka, od zunaj vidnih znakov življenja ni. Se pa zavedam, da videz lahko vara, tako kot recimo na Marsu.


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