Zakaj berem bloge 2

BSNYC o ansamblu Whitesnake:
Like a cancer diagnosis after decades of smoking, the invasion of Pearl Harbor after a century of isolationism, or the day you finally admit to yourself that you should not have gotten that Whitesnake tattoo, this was the moment when the reality of the situation became undeniable and I realized that my life would be changed forever.

Scott o jutjubu:
There’s plenty of fodder on YouTube for making fun of hipsters, fixie riders, MTBers, BMXers and whatnot, but what do roadies post to YouTube besides that one ride where Lance burned Jan on L’Alpe D’Huez?

Jim o cestarjih in Materi Terezi:
Scott – we post videos of roadies getting into fistfights in roadraces (filed under Humor, Pathetic), long boring rambles about how bad we suffered in a local roadrace or training ride, pictures of our disgusting roadrash, more wattage figures, and bitchy comments on other peoples’ websites. It is all endlessly fascinating to other roadracers. Sure, it ain’t much, but when you give up food, booze, your social life, and the idea that your legs aren’t supposed to hurt all the time, you don’t have a lot left. It’s like joining the priesthood, except you date women and are probably going to hell for wanting to go all Inquisition on most car operators. On the positive side, roadracers typically have much higher hematocrit levels than your average Franciscan, though we committed the sin of envy w/r/t Mother Theresa, for being able to maintain her 91 pound pure climber’s build seemingly effortlessly.

Todd o cf vodi in anon o vibracijah:
todd: Um…how would you feel about partnering up on the big invention I’ve been working on- CARBON FIBER WATER!Just imagine the nerds who’d line up to pay through the nose for high tech water that weighs only half as much as regular water. Cause really, what’s the point in having a 14lb bike if you’re gonna load it up with 6lbs of water? I got my Mr. Wizard’s Junior Chemist Kit up and running in my garage and the molecular blueprints are already on file at the US Patent Office. With your laser guided water bottle filled with my water, we could make millions Snob, millions*.
*tole je najbrž Kenny Banja: this is gold Jerry, gold I tell you
Anonymous said… the cf water would go nicely with the scandium catheter i’m currently marketing for raam. one hitch though; due to it’s rigidity (note: it will absorb road vibrations), i’ve had to make some after market modifications which have put me in patent conflict with the bendy straw folks.

DrOnyx o Slaku:
O kvaliteti same produkcije človečkov bi morali vendarle kakšno reči še zdravniki, ki dobijo v roke sem ter tja tudi koga, ki si ne zasluži SiQ certifikata in to ne po lastni krivdi. Seveda nam pa po TV kažejo same popolne ljudi (z izjemo Slaka, ki je pa v bistvu samo nevrotičen).

BSNY o kongresnikih:
the car creeping along a narrow street in search of parking a space like a congressman trolling for a hooker

7 thoughts on “Zakaj berem bloge 2

  1. Žiga, tole je hudo navdihujoče :)

    Sploh “Todd o vodi in anon o vibracijah” .. mogoče še danes spravim skupaj prosti spis na to temo :)
    Glede Maje me počas začenja že skrbet : Maja moraš. Moraš! Ker Maja, ki ne šteka je .. useless.

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