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Part of the reason bicycles have become so popular recently is that more and more people are discovering that doing tricks on them or simply hanging around near them can be easier and more enjoyable than actually riding them. Consequently, they don’t need to wear garments like bib shorts, jerseys, and cycling shoes, and companies both new and old are rushing to clothe these people in the leisure wear that’s more suited to their riding style. In fact, cycling seems to be joining those less physically demanding activities I like to call SIBs–or Sports Involving Belts. These sports don’t require serious technical garments. Instead, they simply require slightly modified street clothes. The three best examples of SIBs are fishing, bowling and golf.

This is the time of year when amateur road racers across the country work on designing their team kits for next season. And as all roadies know, the more brightly colored the kit the more pro you look. Unfortunately, though, some of these colors can also be translucent, and even the most dedicated roadies stop shaving at the upper thigh. If your team happens to wear light colors you can easily fall victim to VBS, or “Visible Bush Syndrome.” That’s right, I’m talking about that embarassing dark shadow in the crotchal region that can ruin your next podium appearance. Fortunately, pubic hair dye is easily available. It’s inexpensive and it comes in a variety of colors, including Passion Plum, Intense Red, Amber Flame, and Carmine Pink (formerly T-Mobile). It’s the perfect gift for the special roadie in your life.

BSNYC o ekskrementih:
Dear Car From Jersey That Beeped At Me Impatiently,
When I told you to “go back to Jersey, you piece of [excrement],” you retorted: “I’m not from Jersey.” Now that’s just funny.

BSNYC na kolesarju razumljiv način razloži zakaj je Boki odšel
Cane Creek certainly has made a lot of headsets. Not only that, but many of them were crappy and more vulnerable to water intrusion than the New Orleans levee system.

Chef o položaju
Dober avto imam pa zato, ker sem takšnega pač dobil. Menda ne misliš, da bo človek na mojem položaju vozil starega Pola

Dr.Onyx o pisanju zgodovine
pa ti meni kot laiku lepo prosim razloži, zakaj so zgodovino napisali moški? Cezar, Kaligula, Kristus, Hitler, Džingiskan, Lenin, Napoleon, Alexander veliki, Štajerski slavček. Sami moški. Kje je tu fora?

Dr.Onyx o parkirnih mestih
Če pa je že janković oziroma mestna občina Ljubljana res tako zelo želela priti do brezplačnega kosila (kar vemo da ne obstaja), potem pa bi objavili lepo javno naročilo, specificirali zahteve za protokolarno limuzino in pod pogoj navedli, da jo mora ponudnik dati občini zastonj na uporabo za čas enega leta, v zameno pa bo recimo občina nalepila na avto promocijsko nalepko “Vozilo BMW serije 7 vozi zoran janković, župan Ljubljane”, kot je to praksa pri športnikih ali ljudeh iz sveta zabave (ti običajno potem tak sponzorski avto puščajo kar na parkirnih mestih za invalide).

BSNYC meets Seinfeld
As I typed my last post announcing my vacation, I did so with trembling hands. Not because I was excited to take my leave, nor because I feared blogging withdrawal, nor even because I had just received a substantial Nashbar gift certificate for Festivus and could finally take advantage of their Inventory Reduction Sale to purchase Primal jerseys, obsolete Shimano components, and wire-bead tires with single-digit thread counts at unbelievable prices.
I’m not talking about the sort of incidental plumber’s crack that’s so commonplace in our society that we hardly notice it. No, I’m talking more crack than Chris Rock smoked in “New Jack City.”
+ …
tale post je enostavno treba prebrati v celoti – najboljše prispodobe in toliko leteh, več kot je Roman Končar zbral gledalcev za Rabljevo Fresko (pa ne mislit da je to kar tako:)

Sproketboy o italjanskih spletnih straneh
Italians love Flash applications; I should have known this from the time I attempted to go on the Pinarello website and had the shakes for a week afterwards. Sorry.

GTTIM si še kar ni umil roke
After the climbers and UCI officials went by, the rest of the peloton arrived strung out for miles along the road. We saw one cyclist, a professional road cyclist, just fall over on the steep part. Another picked his head up right in front of me, looked at the steep section, and said “This is just insane!” Soon the crowd was pushing the cyclists up the hill. Yes, this is illegal, but done at every race. The European cyclists would look over at the crowd beside them and say in a pitiful little voice the only English they probably knew: “Puuushh! Puuusshh me!” We did. I would push maybe 15 meters and somebody else would take over as we did a fireman brigade of sorts. After one long push of a very tired cyclist, I turned around and saw Cipollini right behind me! He was sitting up waving the crowd over to help puuusshh him up the hill. I knew I had to help puuusshh him. The problem, other than I was exhausted, was that about eight people were currently puuusshhing him up the insanely steep hill and I could not get my hand on him. I ran along side waiting for the really fat guy to run out of gas, which he did. After pushing a race official/volunteer out of the way, I finally had my shot to help push Super Mario up the hill. Yes, I touched Mario Cipollini’s ass! Good times, good times!

Scott said…
If you could only touch one but in the peloton, I suppose that Cipo’s is not a bad choice. But not washing your hand afterwards? That’s just gross. Just from what I know of where Cipo’s ass has been I’m terrified of what must be growing on it, and I’m sure my knowledge only scratches the surface!

leroy said…
Clayton —
I remember the helmet study and article from the Times. The study determined that cars passed closer to riders with helmets than riders without. The author of the study hypothesized that drivers thought riders with helmets were less likely to swerve in front of them. The study also suggested that drivers passed closer to men on bikes than women.
I wouldn’t touch a hypothetical based on that second observation even with gttim’s unwashed hand.

6 thoughts on “Zakaj berem bloge 3

  1. Bravo.
    p.s.: objava je bila mišljena par dni prej, ampak ko sta te tg in “ladika” tako grdo, sem moral malček počakat.
    p.p.s.: potem sem tudi razumel zakaj mi je ponujal prevoz :)

  2. Ja, priznam, da sem kar malo ponosna nase, da sem to odkrila. Čeprav bi bilo boljš da ne bi. Moj ego zdej…ranjen. Po drugi strani pa…spet se govori o men. Kar je v redu.
    Sej bi še kaj komentirala tvojo objavo, samo sej veš kaj si jaz mislim o tvojem snobu.

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