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BSNY o kosmičih:
Collabos are particularly popular in the world of hip-hop, where selling out is not only acceptable but required. Pioneering hip-hop branding collabos over the years include …, and NWA and Kellogg’s (Fuck Tha Police Cereal).

BSNY o pomarančah:
If cycling were an orange, roadies would take that orange, put it on a juicer, squeeze all the pulpy, delicious goodness out of it, and then eat the rind.

Komentator o Davidu Millarju:
and eventually you’re throwing your bike down the steps for missing shifts and being ugly like you’re David Millar or some other english pro.

Christian Lander o placebu:
Since white people can’t really blame any race for their problems, they need to blame corporations.  In this case, the reason that they are sick or fat or without energy is because the drug companies are in a conspiracy to keep them addicted to placebos.  This helps them shed accountability, and it lets them feel like they are helping the environment by rejecting the polluting, greedy, awful drug companies and taking natural, organic medicine from the earth.

White people love to make fun of politics, especially right wing politics.  It’s a pretty easy target and makes for some decent humor, but white people are actually starting to believe that these two shows are becoming legitimate news sources. “Oh, I don’t watch the news,” they will say.  “I watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.  You know, studies show that viewers of those shows are more educated than people who watch Fox News or CNN.”
Upon returning home, they will also find an affinity for a particular beer or liquor from a country they visited. They use this as an excuse to mention their travels when at a bar. “Oh, I’ll have a Czechznlishiyush Pilsner. You see, that was my favorite beer when I was travelling through Slovenia and the Czech republic.”

CLander o arhitekturi:
The reason white people love architecture so much is that deep down they believe that they could have been a great architect.  They feel the same way about other professions including: professor, writer, and politician. Also of note, white people love big books about architecture.  So if you need to get one a gift, this always goes over well because it makes them feel smart without having to read too much.

BSNY o Leviju:
…less threatening than Levi Leipheimer on a French mountain pass.

BSNY o francozih:
I was unable to follow the Tour de France last year due to extreme lack of interest, but according to information available on the internet Leipheimer’s teammate Alberto Contador won it last year. I’m not sure then why we should rally behind Leipheimer, who finished third. If I want to watch opportunity being squandered for three weeks I can just follow one of the French teams, or any liberal arts school graduate.

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