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So true:
It’s the same glance all men recognize as the one you get from other men at red lights when you’re on your bike and they aren’t because they’ve been roped into going clothes shopping or something, so they look at your bike condescendingly as if to say, “Yeah, I’ve got one of those too. Not only that, but it’s better than yours and I’d be dropping you right now if I weren’t on my way to Old Navy.” Maybe they even whisper some quip about your bike to their girlfriend, who couldn’t care less and who gets mad at them for thinking about bikes when they’re supposed to be together shopping.

mylosh o holivudu:
Secondly many white people in their late teens / early 20s make the mistake of taking film or photography in college. Since Hollywood can not employ everyone, the wedding industry is the one field that allows all these poor arts majors to pay for their fleet of awesome bikes

Commiecanuk about that jewel thief:
I tried an experiment and placed a “One less bike” sticker on a bike, this resulted in being able to ride down a long tunnel and into the mind of John Malkovich. I then made John Malkovich ride the bike down the tunnel and Malkovich Malkovich. Malkovich? Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich. Malkovich….Malkovich. (bergla)

DrOnyx o lizingu:
medtem ko gospodarski minister Lahovnik izgleda kot da zapeljuje babe na Portoroški promenadi s svojim prvim kabrioletom kupljenim na lizing

Joe Papp o francozih:
Pappillon knows better than most what it is like to deal in the shady world of back-stabbing evil opportunists and scoundrels – and the French.
p.s.: gruča fenov zaenkrat še vodi

Blazing saddles o slanini:
All of this was, of course, immaterial once the trio were reeled in and Vino galloped up the Saint-Ferreol to counter-attack a cluster of riders, including Damiano Cunego, who seems to be in virtually every half-hearted breakaway this year without ever bringing home the bacon.


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