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Jonas o Leninu:
Kdaj nam bo dovolj? Zakaj ne gremo takoj protestirat na ulice! Aja, sej smo že šli, na Wall Street in tja pred borzo na Bavarcu, a nismo? Oziroma, so šli. Tretja oseba. Zame je bilo premrzlo, pa brez zamere. Sebe si tako ali tako predstavljam bolj kot guruja, kot pa aktivista. Oficirja revolucije, ne pešaka. “Možgani morajo bit na toplem”, je rekel že Lenin, citat je iz wikipedije. Vem, ker sem ga sam dodal.

Clarkson o listju:
I was reading The Mirror the other day and came across a letter from a reader who wrote, ‘I was riding my bike to work when this red Ferrari pulled up next to me. Out of the window, Jeremy Clarkson shouted ‘Get a car’, and drove off.’ What I actually said was, ‘Get a car you hatchet faced, leaf-eating Nazi.

inrng o italjanskih proizvajalcih kolesarskih stvari:
inrng o italijanih: It’s easy to ride a 100% Italian bike dressed head to toe in Italian clothing. Can any other country match this? Probably… but only just.
Euan o nemcih: Of course the German way is just to build the whole thing out of carbonfibre in your shed.
Scott o angležih: Really the best way is to head to Dumfries with a washing machine and commission Graham Obree. (Although the washing machine was probably made in Taiwan…)

GettingOlderGoingSlower o smislu:
Biking doesn’t make sense, spending thousands of dollars to ride in dirt circles is almost impossible to justify on any real logical level. But riding in dirt circles is also one of my greatest passions in life, and doing it on a HT doesn’t need to make any more, or less sense than doing it on a FS. I’m not racing, I’m just riding. The term “faster” or “better” is almost meaningless, I’m just looking for whatever maximizes my fun.

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