Zakaj berem bloge 11 – posebna testna edicija

nsmb, kako stvari stoje v svetu testov:
preberi vse, tole je samo za prigrizek:
No one likes a whiner, especially the mountain bike industry. So what happens when you find something less than exemplary about a product you are testing? There’s a few options:
1. Compliment sandwich
So you found something that grinds your gears about the bike but you don’t want to be the squeaky link (squeaky links don’t get the oil, they get ignored, put in the corner, or chopped). Remember that although you tell your mother that you’re a real, big boy journalist, deep down you know you’re just here to lube the industry, so wrap the less-than-glowing parts of your review between or around some really effusive positives. Example: if you don’t like the handling/ suspension/ the build quality/ parts spec, then just quickly gloss over that fact with a cursory mention, then cover your tracks with an Although, But, or However. “I thought the tire choice was less than ideal for the trails we used on our test track BUT the attention to detail of BRAND-X to spec a silver-coloured bottle cage on production models was an inspired decision that shows they really get it.”

nsmb o blatu:
Tight and awkward? Not where this bike shines – but who wants to ride that shit anyways?

VeloNews o relativnosti:
Of all the modern, press-fit bottom bracket standards, BB386EVO is commonly considered the least terrible.

vonj in zalisec o napredku:
scentofreason – 09/10/14 – 7:04pm
Been riding a triple for 20 years, yet to see a reason to ditch it. Works great, has massive range (22, 36,48). Just not heavy enough to even matter. Really couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve gone by someone with a 1x (or 2x for that matter) pushing up the hill cuz they’re out of gearing. And have done the same on the big fireroad decents. Don’t understand the love of ‘froome-ing out’….

sideburnz – 09/10/14 – 7:29pm
@ scentofreason
The two reasons often given are “clean lines” and a “clean cockpit”. When you pass those pushing up the hill, rest assured they’re not thinking about how they have to push up the hill while you pedal past. They’re thinking about how great that bike looks with one less cable, and two fewer chainrings. It’s progression. Enduro.

nsmb o reliktih:
Some riders may point to the 2×10 XT drivetrain as a relic …

trail snob o modi:
One glaring example of this strange line of reasoning in practice is the story behind the development of Specialized’s SWAT bibs. When Specialized employees wanted to carry additional water, food, and tools on their person without the additional weight and discomfort of a hydration pack, they began wearing pocketed road jerseys under their baggy mountain bike jerseys. That’s right, they wore two jerseys to appease the mountain bike fashion gods! SWAT bibs offered the pockets without the additional material of the second jersey. Even so, a “road” jersey is still a more efficient storage solution because in addition to allowing easy access to the pockets, this layout also eliminates one extra layer of material along the lower back of the rider.

tehan o sredini kasete:
What most people forget is that with 1X drivetrains you need to make a clever choice of front ring.
Chainline is not that much important here. You should spend 85% of your riding time in middle of the cassette. If you don’t do that currently that means you have too small or too big chainring.

Lets take an example. Someone has now 30T and says that he spends most of the time in last 3-4 granny cogs on the rear. This is not good and you wear drivetrain a lot. But if you change the front ring to something like 28T suddenly you have moved chainline “virtually” to middle of the cassette as you start using lower gears to have same speed. If you already ride 28T and you are in same boat – try 26T. If you ride already 26T and still using last 3-4 granny cogs all the time = time to move back to 2X as going smaller than 26T up front does not make sense.

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