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David Roberts o sovragu angleškega jezika:
Today, consumers can also generate electricity — they can be producer/consumers, or “prosumers,” as people who hate the English language call them.

b. o svoji ženi:
Harri Turunen:
No, you misunderstood the house example. Obviously changing it back to a previous state is not beneficial, as it is less satisfying than the current one.
Obviously, you have not met my wife :).

Davida sodobna angleščina močno moti:
The software running all this is called SolControl, which the user can control through an app that “gamifies” (barf) energy savings.

Ramez Naam o Benu Carsonu:
I can’t point to the part of my brain that is “good at neurosurgery”, operate on it, and by repeating the procedure make myself the greatest neurosurgeon that has ever lived. Ben Carson tried that, and look what happened to him.


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