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Sarah o pomembnih ljudeh:
I used to think I thought the right way, like, who cares if everyone does bad things, because bad things are just what important people have to do. Who cares if Barack Obama bombs people and doesn’t even try to prosecute bankers, because that’s all just his job, and he loves gay people and yells at bigots and his wife is smart and has great arms. Who cares if Hillary Clinton is best friends with Henry Kissinger, because she is a woman and so am I, and she stands up to men, and isn’t that what feminism is all about, finally getting into the rooms, finally getting to be the one to kill the people who don’t matter?

3T ne more da ne bi občudoval profesionalizma:
Sad day in our office in Bergamo. This morning at 6.00am 6-8 thieves entered our office and robbed all bikes. The thieves drilled a hole through a 1 meter thick wall to enter our warehouse. After that they moved quickly to break the warehouse door, cut the fence surrounding our office and move more than 20 bikes into their van. The police arrived within 10 minutes, but they already had left. Everyone at 3T is in shock that this happened, and the level of professionalism of the thieves.

David Graeber o dnevnih nalogah:
Does Oxford really need to employ a dozen-plus PR specialists to convince the public it’s a top-notch university? I’d imagine it would take at least that many PR agents quite a number of years to convince the public Oxford was not a top-notch university, and even then, I suspect the task would prove impossible. Obviously, I am being slightly facetious here: this is not the only thing a PR department does. I’m sure in the case of Oxford much of its day-to-day concerns involve more practical matters such as attracting to the university the children of oil magnates or corrupt politicians from foreign lands who might otherwise have gone to Cambridge.


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