Zakaj berem bloge 13

Gerard Vroomen o prioritetah:
Zero-setback posts are lighter, saving you another 10-30 grams (every little bit helps and you can then put that saved weight into a 500g saddle like the Brooks!). Continue reading “Zakaj berem bloge 13”


5 minut

Specialized trdi da je njihovo novo kolo venge shmenge v kombinaciji s čelado, obleko in čevlji 5 minut hitrejše od precej uglednega lanskoletnega modela z lanskoletno čelado in ostalim šitom. Matr delajo slabe izdelke (no vsaj do lani :) ). Prejšnji stavek lahko tudi drugače beremo, veliki S trdi, da so vsi, ki so kupili njihove izdelke lani – bedaki. Da ne govorimo o predlanskih.

Ampak, okej, pustimo marketing, očitno ga obvladajo, očitno jaz nimam pojma, gremo na srednj, brb… osnovnošolsko matematiko in fiziko, kar obvladam. Continue reading “5 minut”

Zakaj berem bloge 11 – posebna testna edicija

nsmb, kako stvari stoje v svetu testov:
preberi vse, tole je samo za prigrizek:
No one likes a whiner, especially the mountain bike industry. So what happens when you find something less than exemplary about a product you are testing? There’s a few options:
1. Compliment sandwich
So you found something that grinds your gears about the bike but you don’t want to be the squeaky link (squeaky links don’t get the oil, they get ignored, put in the corner, or chopped). Remember that although you tell your mother that you’re a real, big boy journalist, deep down you know you’re just here to lube the industry, so wrap the less-than-glowing parts of your review between or around some really effusive positives. Example: if you don’t like the handling/ suspension/ the build quality/ parts spec, then just quickly gloss over that fact with a cursory mention, then cover your tracks with an Although, But, or However. “I thought the tire choice was less than ideal for the trails we used on our test track BUT the attention to detail of BRAND-X to spec a silver-coloured bottle cage on production models was an inspired decision that shows they really get it.”
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